Salton Sea (2012), selection

Recently dubbed the “stinky side effect of a great American experiment to civilize the western deserts”, the Salton Sea today is considered by many not to be rescuable or even worth rescuing. Thus, the monetary and logistic efforts of fixes and the feat of environmental engineering seem too high and fail to materialize. Legal fights over water use and questionable priorities only add to this matter. The countless electrical poles allotted on huge stretches of parcelled land, the marinas and jetties, vast campsites and parking areas, however, tell a different story and attest the ambitious plans and alluring prospects that have existed for the area while it still seemed to be profitable – before it was left to its own resources. -- silver gelatin print, 16x24''--

L.A. Theater District (2012)

In the course of the post-war decline of Downtown Los Angeles, also the theaters located on Broadway, once the hub of the city\'s entertainment scene, closed down. The business relocated to Hollywood, which has become the synonym of the movie industry and the culture associated with it. The old, partly empty theaters on L.A.\'s Broadway today pose an interesting contrast to the gaudy entertainment venues and celebrity-lookalikes on Hollywood Boulevard, that serve the stereotypical ideas and sensational cliches deriving from the contemporary Blockbuster-productions. On empty streets, with blocked-up windows and closed fences, they radiate an eerie, surreal atmosphere and can be read as a reference to the transience of success and ideals. --silver gelatin print, 7x10''--

waiting (2012, in progress)

"waiting" refers to the transformation of society through a reciprocal influence of uncertainty and consumerism. it seems that people are increasingly addicted to consuming as a way to deal with an atmosphere of uncertainty as it is being created by consumerism's ideals as well as current social, political, economic and environmental conditions. "waiting" contrasts the prevalent "nonstop-consumption" with a "consumption-stop". the unusual sight of inactive people, detached from each other and the act of consuming, aims at bringing to mind the implications that consum-mania has on us and our relations. --silver gelatin print, 7x10.5''--

eyecandy (2012, in progress)

this work examines the place, both the physical and psychological one, that sex has in society. it seems as if those two \"places\" are contradictory to each other; psychologically, sex is everywhere, in the media, in advertising, the internet, etc. this is reflected by the surroundings in which the photographed sex shops and -bars are located - strip malls, crossroads, service areas. on the other hand, though, the establishments are not what one would call inviting from the outside. they radiate a certain secrecy and dubiousness. This metaphorically illustrates that, even though ubiquitous, sex still is a tender point and under constant scrutiny. --color print in acrylic box, 11x14''--

windowshopping (2011/12)

«windowshopping» is being created as a critique of the mechanism of consumerism. the polished shopwindows and lifeless mannequin unmask consumerism as a mere illusion, a mechanism of superficiality that provides imaginary \"solutions\" and improvements and makes us define ourselves, our identity by acquirable goods. the images also put up for discussion the role of art and the position of the artist in a consumer culture as art today has hardly anything to do anymore with the romanticized notion of the creative mind that produces, for its own sake, works that outrank consumable goods by far but instead resembles the processes of a commercial enterprise. --laminated color print on gatorboard, 20x30''--

cuyamaca (2011)

this series was taken in a burnt-down forest in california. it is stunning that, even though the whole nature was destroyed, it still kept a strange beauty. even more so as one knows that this total annihilation is in some areas even necessary to create new growth - a phenomenon that often applies to our own way of living and working, too. --silver gelatin print, 8x12''--

balconies (2011)

»balconies« succeeds »man-made« and was taken several months later in the finished apartment buildings. the images pose questions about the notions of community and individuality as well as of public and private. how is it possible to maintain individuality in a densely populated space and how important is it? what are our definitions of privacy or public and what constitutes an invasion of the private? the balconies and the related spaces can also be read as a metaphor for the virtual world with its social media- definitions and importance of individuality and community, the private and public then suddenly seem to shift, the latter ones even to get reversed. --silver gelatin print, approx. 5x7''--

man-made (2010)

the »man-made« and »munich«-series were taken on construction sites in the western part of munich where huge, stereotypical housing complexes are erected. they depict the process of building, the huge amount of material used and the reckless way of interfering with the environment. the images intend to direct the gaze away from the finished product and rather focus on the process generating it. they capture the transformation that those buildings cause in their surroundings and invite us to think about what is behind things that are often taken for granted. --silver gelatin print, approx. 5x7''--